Preconception Care

A healthy lifestyle is recommended before conception and during pregnancy.

Diet, lifestyle and the environment all impact on your reproductive health and the health of your baby. Preconception care focusses on getting you and your partner in the best possible shape to maximise your chances of falling pregnant sooner and having a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Did you know that the formation of mature sperm takes approximately two months and the maturation of eggs takes about 100 days before ovulation? Your reproductive health today is therefore the product of your health, diet, environment and lifestyle decisions from two to three months prior.

There are many factors beyond your control that may influence your fertility, but you can still do many things to maximise your chances of conception now.

  • Stop smoking and recreational drug use
  • Avoid alcohol consumption
  • Limit your daily caffeine intake to 1-2 cups per day
  • Lose weight – the optimal BMI range for fertility health is 20-25. Following a sensible diet and exercise program can increase your chances of falling pregnant.  A healthy, balanced diet rich in lean proteins, fresh fruit and vegetables is recommended.
  • Exercise – at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per day is optimal.
  • Start taking 500mcg folic acid one month prior to trying to conceive and continue for the first three months of pregnancy. This can reduce your chances of having a baby with a neural tube defect, such as Spina Bifida.
  • Visit your GP or one of the Eve Health’s obstetricians in Brisbane for a preconception health check. This usually includes a blood test, checking your infectious disease status, blood group and your level of immunity to certain diseases.  If you do not have immunity, it may be recommended to be vaccinated prior to conception to protect you and your unborn baby.  Your GP may also advise you to cease or change medications you may already be taking, as some medicines are contraindicated during pregnancy.

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