Hysteroscopy is an operation to look inside the cavity of the uterus.

This may be needed to investigate or treat conditions such as heavy periods, polyps, fibroids and infertility. It is performed with a  hysteroscope, which is a small thin telescope with a camera attached that is passed through the cervix and allows a clear and magnified view of the inside of the uterus. A small amount of saline is pushed gently inside to open the cavity and allow a good view. Once the cavity has been visualised then various procedures can also be performed such as taking a biopsy (D&C), removal of a polyp, fibroid or septum, placing an IUD, or ablating the endometrium. Hysteroscopy is a simple day stay procedure that is usually performed under general anaesthetic but can sometimes be done under local anaesthetic. You will need to take off the day of surgery but can usually return to work the following day.

Patient Information – Hysteroscopy from AGES.

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