The average age of menopause in Australia is around 51.

It is the time when the ovaries run out of eggs and no longer produce hormones.  Menopause book-ends a woman’s reproductive years and after you have passed through it you will have no more periods and be unable to have babies naturally.

Around 50% of women will breeze through the menopause with minimal symptoms but the other half may suffer considerably.

The peri-menopause (the time in the lead up to the last period) can be a time of complete hormonal chaos.  Symptoms can include irregular and heavy periods, muscle and joint aches and pains, depression, irritability and changes in libido.

Menopause itself is defined as the last period and the post-menopausal period is defined as being 12 months after the last period.  Menopausal symptoms due to a decline in oestrogen can include severe hot flushes, disrupted sleep, difficulty concentrating and a decrease in mental acuity as well as depression, vaginal dryness, sexual pain and loss of libido. These symptoms can last up to 10 years post the menopause in some women and can obviously affect relationships, work performance and general quality of life.

If you think you are experiencing symptoms of menopause the first step is to seek help.  At Eve Health we are passionate about reaching women who are suffering with menopausal symptoms and helping them to get their quality of life back.

What to expect at your first appointment

Your first appointment with an Eve Health gynaecologist will be a long appointment to get to know you and how your symptoms are affecting your life.  You will be asked a series of questions about which symptoms you are experiencing and how much they bother you.  The symptoms covered will include fatigue, hot flushes, mood changes, libido, concentration and vaginal dryness and menstrual disturbance if you are still having periods.  This will help to guide us towards what treatment options may suit you.

We will go through lifestyle changes that can help, as well as discuss natural therapies, hormonal and other medical therapies.

At the end of the consultation you should feel like you have information regarding your treatment options and we will decide on a holistic plan of action together. The biggest step is seeking help and not just putting up with it.  Please contact us at Eve Health if you would like any further help or information.

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