Menstrual Disorders


Problems with periods can start in your teens, soon after your periods start or later on in life.

Menstrual disorders range from having no periods at all or very infrequent periods through to excessively heavy, prolonged and painful periods. There are no absolute definitions of the heaviness or painfulness of periods and everyone experiences them differently. If your periods are of concern to you, or you are missing time at school or work, or you are unable to participate in sport or other activities that you want to do, then these are some good indications that you should see your doctor to discuss the situation further.

Your GP may consider referring you to an Eve Health gynaecologist for further assessment and investigation. At Eve Health, we have several gynaecologists who are highly experienced with assessing girls and teenagers and who will provide a relaxed and personalised approach to their issues. This can be particularly important for parents of teenage girls.

The causes of menstrual disorders include hormonal issues, fibroids, polyps, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and endometriosis. You may need some blood tests, an ultrasound scan or surgery to identify the cause. Treatments range from the pill and Mirena IUCD, to surgery such as laparoscopy or hysteroscopy.

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