Dr Robyn Aldridge

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Dr Robyn Aldridge


Dr Aldridge enjoys caring for women for their obstetric or gynaecological care. She trained and worked in some of New Zealand and Australia’s leading tertiary hospitals. Before moving to Brisbane, she was the Director of Clinical Governance at Monash Medical Centre in Melbourne and a Senior Lecturer at Monash University. She is dedicated to providing evidence based care to the women that she sees.

Dr Aldridge delights in sharing the pregnancy journey with her patients.  She will support a woman’s choice for a normal birth or caesarean section, providing information and guidance about either choice. She is expert in assisted vaginal birth and planned vaginal birth after caesarean section. At Monash Medical Centre in Melbourne she cared for women with multiple pregnancies in a specialist clinic and birth suite, making her an expert in multiple births. A key element in her care is answering questions and ensuring comfort and well-being during your pregnancy. Since she arrived in Brisbane in 2014, Dr Aldridge has delivered women at the Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane.

Dr Aldridge has two children of her own and understands the joy, excitement and enormous changes that a pregnancy and a baby can bring to your life.

She is also experienced in treating a range of gynaecological concerns. She understands the impact that these concerns can have on your daily life and aims to make a gynaecological appointment as comfortable and reassuring as possible. She looks after women who are experiencing concerns with their menstrual cycle, bleeding after the menopause and abnormal pap smears. Dr Aldridge commonly sees women who need contraception advice and the placement of intrauterine devices such as the Mirena.

Dr Aldridge has undertaken extra training in the assessment and management of all aspects of fertility and assisted conception including IVF, and is passionate about delivering complete fertility and pregnancy care, from pre-conception through to birth and beyond. She is a fertility specialist with Monash IVF.

She has extensive knowledge, specialist skills and experience in: obstetrics, caesarean section, intrauterine device placement, menstrual disorders, and fertility.


Dr Aldridge consults at our Boundary Court rooms on Level 1.


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